Installment #2

Welcome back friends, I present to you the net installment of my writing piece. Enjoy!


“Look alive. Let’s go,” she says walking up the stairs.  I scramble to catch up.

“Sorry about that,” she says once we reach the top of the stairs, “Curly grew up in a village that only spoke Drach, and it’s been all but impossible to teach him English.”

“Drach?” I ask confused.

“The language that most people in this realm speak,” she replies, matter of factly.  I just nod, still not believing this is real.  Ryn leads me back to her room, makes herself comfortable in one of the plush chairs, and invites me to do the same.  I sit awkwardly in the other one.

She looks at me for a few seconds before asking, “Do you know anything about where your parents are really from?”

I ponder my response for a second, “They told me they immigrated here from Scotland.”

“Why don’t you have an accent then?”

“How do you know about accents?”

Ryn chuckles, “I know more than you might think.  You didn’t answer my question.”

“They said they spent years covering them up, so I would have an American one by the time I started talking.”

Her face hardens, “They lied to you, Carter.  Your parents aren’t from Scotland, They’re from a city called Dunstable.”

“Dunstable? Wait, is that here?”


I swallow, “How’d they end up in California then?”

“They made the mistake of making a deal with my mum.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your dad was a notorious thief.  Your parents were just fine moving from place to place, then your mom got pregnant, so they decided settling down in a different realm would be best.  My mom was known for having the magic to do just that, but she didn’t do it cheap.”

“What did they promise her?” Ryn looks almost mortified at what the answer is, “I’m not going to like this am I?”


“Me what?”

“Your parents promised my mum their unborn baby, which was you.  Actually, they promised you to me, but that’s irrelevant.”

“My parents promised your mom that you could, what, own me or something?”

Ryn looks at me, disgusted, “No! Look, I come from a long line of Seers.  My mum’s gift was sensing magic in others, and it was so strong in you that she could sense it before you were born.  She said that she would grant your parents safe passage to a different realm if they willingly handed you over if I ever came knocking.”

“Why did you do it? Did your mommy tell you to do it? Or maybe you needed a way to prove your power to your crew, and what better way to do that than to kidnap a girl?” I spit at her.

She takes a breath before replying, “I did it because I’m also a Seer, only I get premonitions instead of sensing magic, like my mum.  I’ve been looking for someone a long time, and I think you might be the key to figuring out where that someone is.”

“Oh yeah?” I sneer, “and who would this someone be?”

Ryn looks at me with such pain that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what she says next is true, “Her name is Beth.”




I pad silently past Carter’s sleeping body. The door closes behind me with a dull thud, and  I make my way across the empty deck of the ship.  Jasper leans lazily against the pole of the crow’s nest, hopefully looking out for obstacles and not sleeping.  Curly is poking at the large corner fire when I enter the galley.

“Is Jasper asleep yet?” he asks in Drach when I descend the stairs.

“Not quite yet, but he’s definitely close,” I respond as he shakes his head.

“Well, it’s been nice knowing you, Cap’n,” he replies, giving me a mock salute.  I swing my arm at him, and nail it in his gut.  He doubles over for a few seconds, then gets up and takes a seat at the center island, laughing.  I follow suit.

“So, have you given any thought to my offer?” I ask as innocently as possible.

“It’ll never work.  She doesn’t speak a lick of Drach, and I don’t speak a lick of English.”

I slap my forehead in exasperation, “That’s the point.  You’re supposed to teach eachother.  Curly, this is literally the only thing we haven’t done yet.  All I’m asking is that you let her come in tomorrow and try.  Is that really too much to ask?”

“No, I guess not.  Just don’t be too disappointed when it doesn’t work.

“I won’t be,” There’s a long pause.

I choose my next words carefully, “Carter’s a healer you know.  She’ll probably end up wielding a longbow.”

He just looks at me for a few seconds, then says, “Ryn, I swore never to pick up another arrow as soon as you rescued me from execution.  I’ve been good; don’t make me stop now.”

“I understand that, believe me, but you’re the best archer I know.”

He sighs, “I’ll think about it, but only because I owe you.”

“Thank you, Curly,” I reply, bowing my head.

“Have you heard any word on Beth?” he asks, obviously treading carefully.

“We’re headed towards Myr, to check up on a lead.”

He looks surprised, “Myr?  It’s so far away; how did rumors about Beth get to someone there?”

“I have no idea.  Some shopkeeper has apparently been going on and on about necromancers on Rowan.  It’s probably nothing, but we don’t have anything else to go on.  We haven’t for months.”

He walks over and pulls me into a warm embrace, “I know, Ryn, but it’s been almost a year since she was taken.  How do you know she’s not dead?”

I pull away to look him dead in the eyes, “I’m a Seer, Curly.  I just know, alright? I know she’s alive, and we’re going to find her and bring her home.”



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